Top 5 Things Aspiring Doulas Should Know


5. Being on call is super tough.


Having a plan and good support at home and at work is the best way to manage this.  Make doula friends and get help when you need it.


4.  You will see a variety of body fluids.  You will also smell it.  And maybe clean it uppoop.gif

It really is not as bad as you imagine it is.  There are lots of tips and tricks to help manage this.  It does happen though.  Pee.  Poop.  Vomit.  Amniotic Fluid.  Etc.  Could be the pregnant woman.  Could be her partner!  


3.  You will be greeted and acknowledged by staff based on the doula they met before you.


If the last doula with these caregivers was a total nightmare then you have your work cut out for you to win them over.  If you had a stellar doula – they did you a huge favour.  Try to be the stellar doula.


2.  It can be tough to get clients at first.


Word of mouth is one of your best proponents.  Learning more about marketing your self and your skills is an ongoing part of your doula training.


 1. It is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling careers you can ever have.


Truth.  There is nothing quite like it.


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