Setting Reasonable Fees, Part I

Setting Reasonable Fees, Part I

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There is so much written about doulas setting reasonable and commiserate fees for the areas in which they serve.  All doulas, in all regions, cannot charge the same as the cost of living varies widely depending upon where you live or work.  There is no standard rate and no regulation about what doulas can charge.

As a brand new doula, you can:

  • Charge nothing.  Straight up pro bono work for as long as you like, for as many births as you like.
  • Charge nothing for the first (insert number here) births and then incrementally increase your fee as you gain experience.
  • Barter and exchange services.
  • Charge half the going rate in the community you live in for a certain number of births and then raise the fee after that number passes.
  • Charge the full going rate in your home community right after your training.

money-finance-bills-bank-notes-largeNo matter how you choose to set your fees, there are doulas who will tell you that you are wrong to do it in your chosen way and they will emphatically tell you why you have done something to harm yourself, them and the profession.  The argument also ensues among other professional practices and the discussions are all very much the same.

Do what sits right in your heart.  Find others who practice, or who want to practice, the way you do.  There is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.




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