Setting Reasonable Fees, Part III

Setting Reasonable Fees, Part III

Things to Consider When Setting Your Fee

How much do other doulas in your home neighbourhood charge?PAID

How much do doulas charge in your outlying region?

How much do midwives in your area receive for a full course of care?

How much do you need to charge –

  • to break even? 
  • to earn a living wage?
  • to make money at your job?

How many births will you need to do per month/year to make this a sustainable profession at the fee your are considering?

How much will it cost you to be a doula in general?  In your calculations, include gas, parking, time spent prenatally, in labour and postnatally, continuing education, professional organization affiliation, insurance, certification (or recert), childcare, labour bag materials, etc.

How much will it cost you to run your business? In your calculations, include marketing and promotional material, phones, office space or room rentals for events, etc.

If you are running a full business, then you can write off a certain percentage of your expenses.  Will you need to hire a bookkeeper?

What is the average base salary in your region?

If you break down your fee, are you making more than minimum wage?

Ultimately, fair and reasonable compensation for a service provided is the bottom line.  

This is a five part series on understanding setting fees for the new doula.



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