Compare and Contrast Certified and Uncertified Doulas

Compare and Contrast Certified and Uncertified Doulas

This is going to be so valuable for primary careproviders , third party payers and clients. Thank you for spelling it all out.

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I was reading an online discussion recently about the benefits of doula certification.  There was some discussion about the fees and how some doulas don’t receive referrals from their certifying body which, by the way, is NOT the point of certification.  Then this comment caught my attention:

… where I live most people have no idea what a doula is so certification is irrelevant most of the time.

To me the decision to pursue certification is a no-brainer.  Sure it’s challenging, time consuming, and costly, but in my military mind it’s an outstanding weeding out process that separates the professionals from the amateurs.  A 2012 article which shows favorable results from continuous labor support is popular among doulas.   While it doesn’t distinguish between certified or uncertified doula care, there’s a fun little tid-bit which is often left out that specifically states trained and experienced doula care is best:

Continuous support…

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Mélissa is a Certified Doula, Prenatal Class Instructor and DONA Approved Doula Trainer with more than twenty years of professional service. Mélissa brings a wealth of personal experience combined with a professional background of childbirth-related training to each client and class series. To book doula workshops in your region, hire a doula or for speaking engagements, please contact Mélissa through

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