Why Our Problems are Rarely the Problem …


Understanding yourself is the first key to being a great doula.

The Flowering Brain

… But How Our Brain Makes Us React Often Is

Recently my good friend Murray made an important promise to me and then threatened not to keep it. He agreed to handle his half of the finances in our business partnership for the next two years. Then, three months later he disclosed that he unilaterally decided he would only handle those finances for one year. He had other things he was choosing to spend the promised money on.

Promises made and then not kept are always a challenge for me. I organize my life and my world – not to mention, my brain – around other people keeping their promises. Broken promises seriously compromise my ability to think straight and manage my emotions. How do I know they do that? Because my brain starts generating thoughts of distancing, disconnection, and retribution in an effort to relieve the discomfort my…

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About Mélissa Cowl

Mélissa is a Certified Doula, Prenatal Class Instructor and DONA Approved Doula Trainer with more than twenty years of professional service. Mélissa brings a wealth of personal experience combined with a professional background of childbirth-related training to each client and class series. To book doula workshops in your region, hire a doula or for speaking engagements, please contact Mélissa through www.thedoulagroup.ca

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