melcoMélissa Cowl, BDT(DONA), CCE

Mélissa is a Certified Doula, Prenatal Class Instructor and DONA Approved Doula Trainer with more than twenty years of professional service. Mélissa brings a wealth of personal experience combined with a professional background of childbirth-related training to each client and class series.  

Mélissa’s commitment and dedication to serving women are apparent through her community work. She is a past member of a county wide initiative to improve access to breastfeeding resources; she also works with team members at local women’s shelters, young parent programmes and public health units. Mélissa spent two years working with all levels of hospital staff, members of the community and Ministry of Health officials to reopen the birthing unit in her area. Her experience collaborating on a university-led research group looking into the crisis in sustaining primary maternity care workers in Ontario has been an asset to the reopening project in Alliston.  Mélissa is currently a member of the Board of the Association of Ontario Doulas  investigating and implementing a Provincial certification and accreditation programme for doulas in the Province.

 Mélissa was the Producer of Karen Brody’s critically acclaimed, hit play, “Birth”, the first Canadian production of this show. Mélissa has received the regional award for outstanding work as a doula; she was also the recipient of the Heather Mains Award from the Ontario Association of  Doulas for her activism and advocacy for the rights of birthing women.

Mélissa facilitates Doula Workshops in Canada, the US and Europe each year; please check the schedule to find a location near you.  Better yet, invite her to your community.  The more Doulas you have nearby, the more demand there is for Doula care.


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